Kumobius Games presents...
Everything ends. Again, and again.
"Time Surfer is blazing fast"
-- Indie Games
"Think Tiny Wings meets Braid"
-- Touch Arcade
"Its graphics are a pleasant mix of retro-Japanese zaniness and psychedelic sci-fi" -- PocketGamer
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Surf for your life across the galaxy!

An inevitable destructive force is after you... The end of the universe! Your only hope? You can cheat death by rewinding time!

Time Surfer is a new endless 'surfer' for your iPhone and iPad. Get ready for the most psychedelic adrenaline-pumping surf of the year!

Touch Arcade
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More Press & Praise

"Time Surfer is blazing fast" -- Indie Games
"Time Surfer is a glorious mess of bright colors, pixel art and the most upbeat of chiptunes." -- TouchArcade ★★★★½
"...leaving you with a wide, faraway grin on your space battered face." -- PocketGamer (8/10)
"The Time Surfer soundtrack is more than just a single piece of music - it's a journey." -- Kotaku
"The most promising runner I've seen in a long while." -- IGN
"...a twitchy, shiny game that travels at whoosh-worthy speeds." -- Polygon
"From the old school visuals to the thrilling gameplay, you need this title in your life." -- GameTrailers.com
"A great example of how a fun idea can be iterated upon." -- 148 Apps ★★★★
"A cute art style, plenty to unlock, and, yes, an obvious sense of humor." -- GGS Gamer